The Photographer

Hi, I am a bay area photographer specialized in landscape photography. I did wander through different genres of Photography initially and finally settled down with landscape photography, something that bought tremendous joy to me and may be to some of the viewers too.  I am present in many social media websites like Facebook, Flickr, 500px, Google+ etc where you can follow my work. With endless travels and sleepless nights, I bring to you some fascinating moments from beautiful places mostly from the United States, from deserts to snow, from mountains to oceans, from cities to national parks and many more. So hold your breath and enjoy your tour!

Reetom Hazarika

Some cherished moments as a Photographer…..

That’s me under the green umbreall trying to blend in with nature at Yosemite National Park, CA.

DSC_0173 copy
Travelling through the marvels of monument valley.

My Social Life
Getting friendly before I take the shot!.

The Search
Star gazing at Santa Cruz.

At Hansen Bridge
Those days when I used my legs as tripod.

At Hansen Bridge
With my tour guide at the Monument Valley, AZ.

At Grand Canyon
This is from my first ever visit to Grand Canyon, decided to wear a yellow jacket just in case the susnet didn’t go as expected…hehehe

Cosmic Selfie
Making the cosmic connection – Death Valley NP.

Cosmic Selfie
With Kartik Ramanathan, the Photographer and a great company! – Yellowstone National Park

Cosmic Selfie
Sandwiched! – Yellowstone National Park

Cosmic Selfie
The Walk – Yellowstone National Park

Behind the Scenes - 2017 Solar Eclipse
Spot the Bee! Shooting the 2017 Solar Eclipse